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How To Choose A Location For Shooting? Part 1

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”

— Ralph Hattersley

Part #1

I have gathered quite a lot of tips regarding this topic that is why I have decided to split it into some parts so you are not overwhelmed by the amount of information. Also, another reason why I've decided to have some parts is that all parts will be slightly different so you can try all the tips out one by one without mixing them up!

It All Starts With an Idea!

The best way to think everything through in advance! Think about what you want to #shoot, how would you want it to look?

Bellagio, italy

Magic Happens by Itself

As soon as you start thinking about what you want to shoot, you automatically come up with places where it could work. Choosing from places that you already know you also understand what time is best to go there in order to get the best #views, #light, #nature etc and of course the fact that so annoying to all photographers - PEOPLE which always strive to get into the frame! You know what time of year or day it is best to go there so you won't meet people there.

Unknown Village, Italy

What To Do If You Do Not Know Any Places Or You Are Unfamiliar With The City You Are In?

There are 3 golden rules:

1. Spend a day #exploring the area

2. Write down the #coordinates of the places you like, take a picture of them on the #phone to remember why you like them

3. Return to your favorite place again, study all its details, try to imagine the future #scene ( #angle, #light, postiton of the #model etc )

Ideas For The Lazy Or For People Who Think They Are In A Place Where There Are No Interesting Places To Shoot

Sometimes it happens that I really want to take pictures but something stops me such lack of knowledge about the place, my #hometown in which I already know everything by heart, bad weather, lack of #inspiration etc. We all suffer from it. Here is how I fight this:

If I am in any #city, I always look for two things: its center, main square and its old part (old city) all cities always have these two things and it happens to be that they are the most wow places in whole city. An #Old_Town is one of my favorite parts of a city because even if I'm already familiar with it, every time I come here I find something new.

You've probably heard this expression repeatedly: look at things from a different angle! Let's take a look how we can use it in order to find a cool place. Have you ever noticed how the place transforms at night? Have you ever noticed how the dull street looks when it rains? Have you ever noticed how simple objects look like at the fog? Have you ever noticed what kind of atmosphere snow can give your local park?

There is something to think about, isn't it ?

This the end of part 1 - in the next part we continue talking about ways to choose a perfect location for photo shooting where I also want to touch on the topic of using #technologies that help to find a perfect #spot!

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