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Going up, Italy | 2019 Mobile Photography Challenge

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”

― Robert F. Kennedy

First Look

I would like to share with you some great moments I shoot on my #mobile phone in a beautiful location Lake #Lecco, #Italy. That was our last #hike in 2018!

This trip was an inspiration to start 2019 Mobile #Photography_Challenge, we traveled light and from the cameras I only had my mobile phone! My phone handled perfectly, all the info about equipment etc at the end of the article

Enjoy viewing...

Equipment | Key Factors

1. #Iphone X

2. Snapseed (#Android, #iOS) — Free

3. VSCO (#Android, #iOS) — Free (with optional in-app purchases)

1. The first thing you have to remember is the quality of the image. As we already know standard phone camera does not allow to shoot in raw format ( raw format is a file format that contains loads of data and allows you to be more flexible on postproduction phase )

#Snapseed or #VSCO are not only great photo editing apps but they also have the cameras that allow you to shoot raw!

2. Better black than white - in many cases when you shoot daylight you can have loads of #sunlight that overexposes some areas of your image which afterward you won't be able to recover. All you have to do is decrease exposure level a little bit using a manual mode on your camera until the white areas are visible and do not worry for the image parts that become dark - you always can recover them on postproduction phase!

If we do nothing with these white areas we could lose importrant parts of the image ( in this case moon and clouds ) Always strive to make your photo look more like the right one rather than the left one! Remember better black than white!

3. Photo editing is a huge part of the #Photography game that could transform a bad photo into a good one and a good one into a #masterpiece! If you are new to this topic you can try different filters from one of the famous apps like VSCO, really convenient and gives you also a huge selection of tools for more professional edits! I personally use Lightroom and Photoshop ( for more convenient use need a computer ) that are definitely top 2 apps for image editing ( they are both paid - the details you can find on official website

if you are familiar with #lightroom you may want to check my photo filters in my store!

4. Composition is a key! No one wants to see the same angles over and over again! For example if you shoot a person try to do it from above ( like on the photo above ) or come really close. When I take pictures, I set myself the task of finding the non-standard angles that hardly anyone used before in this location!

to be continued...

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